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    NOT GUILTY after trial. Second Offense with an alleged refusal to submit to a breath test. Defendant found sleeping in the drivers seat on an offramp. Read On

  • State v. L.S. (CASE DISMISSED)

    Defendant was on Diversion Agreement in another Court when this case arose. Prosecutor would not negotiate so we were forced to litigate and the Court dismissed the case for lack of probable cause to arrest after we were able to suppress PBT and HGN evidence supporting the arrest on foundational grounds. Diversion agreement not revoked by other court!! Read On

  • The Case of E.S. (CASE DISMISSED)

    2nd Offense. The Defendant had allegedly driven his vehicle into a ditch, however the officer was not able to establish when the driving occurred, if the defendant was actually the driver, whether the defendant had left the scene and/or consumed alcohol after the accident and most importantly, whether the defendant was actually under the influence at the time of driving. CASE DISMISSED after Omnibus Pretrial Motions for lack of probable cause. Read On

  • D.M. v. Dept. of Motor Vehicles

    The Defendant was stopped by a Police outside of his jurisdiction. While the criminal case was properly reduced and disposed of by the prosecutor, the DMV upheld the 1 year revocation of D.M.'s license for refusing chemical testing. We appealed on the grounds that the DMV did not have sufficient evidence of jurisdictional authority to uphold the revocation. The Court agreed and REVERSED AND DISMISSED. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. A.M. (FELONY CHARGES REDUCED)

    Defendant was originally charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, conspiracy, theft and receiving stolen property, and although 17 years old at the time of the incident was certified as as an adult while represented by other counsel. Pleaded guilty to one count of Theft as a Misdemeanor. Sentence of probation. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. J.D. (BAC Suppressed, ARD w/o Suspension)

    Defendant first offense DUI. Successful in having the .16 BAC results suppressed so that Defendant who had to drive for a living due to his job would not be suspended on ARD. ARD entered without suspension and red light infraction leading to stop dismissed. Read On

  • Commonwealth v. N.S. (2nd DUI CASE DISMISSED)

    Crawford County Court of Common Pleas. Second Offense Refusal. Officer arrived on the scene of a single vehicle accident where at least a half hour had elapsed and defendant had consumed additional alcohol after driving. Defendant admitted driving and consumption before driving. Case dismissed on Habeas Corpus as the State could not establish DUI at the time of driving. Read On

  • State v. RR (Aggravated Assault-NOT GUILTY AFTER JURY TRIAL)

    Charges of Aggravated Assault (F2) of a Corrections Officer, Simple Assault and Harassment. Inmate at SCI-Albion accused of striking and injury corrections officer causing injury during a videotaped brawl involving numerous inmates and guards in the yard. Jury found Defendant NOT GUILTY on all counts. Read On

  • State v. A.K. (Reduction of Charges PWID Cocaine)

    Defendant charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Driving While Suspended-summary violation. PWID Cocaine dimissed entirely. Admitted one count of Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana and summary license violation. Read On

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