Criminal Defense


Facing criminal charges can make you feel trapped, hopeless and powerless.  Frustration and anger can set in as the Prosecution builds its case against you.  And they have a whole team working overtime to bring a guilty conviction against you.

  • Detectives
  • Crime Lab
  • Informants
  • Potential Witnesses
  • Media Coverage

When the heat is on you need an experienced, aggressive and effective Criminal Defense Attorney. Contact Jeffrey Veitch, Esquire, for a free emergency consultation.  Jeff is available to discuss your case no matter where you're at.  A former prosecutor with more than 25 years criminal litigation experience, Jeff has the experience you need. Jeff has attained a 10/10 Superb Rating by independent attorney rating service.


Don't trust your freedom to just anyone.

Jeff will fight to help you keep your freedom and guide you through the legal process.  Jeff will provide an experienced, aggressive and effective defense in these cases.

  • Major Traffic Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Assaults
  • Murder
  • Domestic Violence
  • Robbery and Burglary

Why Choose Jeffrey D. Veitch, Esquire?

Always Prepared: Jeff never walks into a courtroom unprepared to defend you.  He conducts thorough investigations, questions all parties involved in your arrest and understands all the charges against you. Jeff works hard to develop and execute a sound criminal defense strategy on your behalf.

Experienced in Criminal Defense: Jeff has defended hundreds of clients in all types of criminal cases.  These range from minor traffic offenses to aggravated felonies.  He has a superior reputation in the legal community.  He's known as an effective and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Your Legal Advocate: The Prosecution is out to take away your freedom.  Their goal is to convince the jury you're guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.As your legal advocate, Jeff will aggressively defend you against any criminal charges.

  • All other areas of criminal defense law.

Jeffrey D. Veitch Esq


Attorney Jeff Veitch represents people accused of crimes and DUI charges, and in personal injury claims. 

Free Initial Consultation

Attorney Jeff Veitch offers a free initial case evaluation during which time he will review the facts of your case with you and help you understand your options.