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THE VEITCH LAW FIRM, is a DUI and Criminal Defense firm serving Western Pennsylvania, dedicated to the aggressive defense of DUI and other serious criminal matters. DUI Lawyer Jeff Veitch is dedicated to the highest level of advocacy on behalf of his clients and our firm was founded on the principle that, “the only battle that cannot be won, is the battle that is not fought.” Attorney Veitch regularly appears as a speaker at various legal education seminars for other attorneys, publishes articles and has been the author of the Defending DUI's section of the Law and Practice Manual since 2002. Jeff has developed an exceptional reputation and has established results in matters from DUI to Major Felonies.
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Jeffrey D. Veitch Esq

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Attorney Jeff Veitch represents people accused of crimes and DUI charges, and in personal injury claims. 

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Attorney Jeff Veitch offers a free initial case evaluation during which time he will review the facts of your case with you and help you understand your options.